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Posts tagged ‘Work Life Balance’

Late Night Database Audits and eBay don’t Mix Or How Steve Jobs, Apple Engineers and $60 Reignited My Passion

So, I just unpacked my “new” Apple Macintosh Classic. My line I gave my family today is that “Lates nights, balancing databases and eBay don’t mix”. But as it sits there, I am finding an amazing flood of emotion and inspiration that has been missing of late, let me explain.

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A Quiz to Measure Your Work-Life Balance

A few years ago a manager at work circulated the "Work-Life Balance Quiz",  from the Canadian Mental Health Association which tries to quantify your balance.  A great quote from the quiz; "Achieving work/life balance means having equilibrium among all the priorities in your life – this state of balance is different for every person."

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Accomplishment Logs Track Your Success and Improves Solution Reuse

We are all busy and jumping between tasks and projects.  This makes it easy for your accomplishments to get left behind as you move on to the next thing.  Keeping an accomplishment log will help you track what you have completed, your successes and will also serve as a resource for items you can reuse later.

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Year-In-Photos Challenge Changed my Work-Life Balance Outlook

I took the Instagram year-in-photos challenge almost two years ago, and it has provided me with many rewards and drastically changed how I look at my day.

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Make Your Job Great Again

When you have a string of projects that fail to push your boundaries and fire up your passions. Here are 5 actions to reignite that spark and create new opportunities.

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A Consultant’s Guide to Work Life Balance​

This article will impart what I have learned over my 20-year consulting career and provide some strategies to help you find your balance. I am writing this article from a consultant's point of view, but we all struggle with these priorities and expectations as an employee or entrepreneur. Also included is a simple methodology to help measure your work life balance and assist in determining where your time is going.

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