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Posts tagged ‘Resources’

Looking for a Really Large Data Set – Criteo’s 1TB Click Prediction Dataset Now Available

Criteo has released a real world sample data set of over 1TB and provides over 4 billion examples with binary labels (click vs. no-click) including over 156 billion total (dense) feature-values and over 800 million unique attribute values

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Free ebooks – Keeping Up To Date is Not Cheap

With the speed at which technology changes today, keeping up todate cannot only be a challenge, but also expensive. There are 2 sites listed below that make eBooks available in a number of formats and also over a number of technologies.

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A Must Read Resource – Kimball Data Warehouse Toolkit

The Kimball methodology is the go to process for architecting your BI process. This book is the latest version and covers a great deal of what you need to know.

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Where to go first? Your first stop on looking at PowerBI

If you are new to PowerBI or just looking where you can keep up to date with the technology, the following links are a great place to start for news, tips, ideas, and updates

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