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Posts tagged ‘Power BI Example’

Using Azure Data Lake with Power BI

Power BI gives you the ability to use a wide variety of data sources in your data visualization project. This walkthrough shows you how to access files in a Azure Data Lake and import them into a Power BI data models.

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How to Use and Refresh Power BI Using OneDrive Data Sources

One of the challenges for users with Power BI is being able to use a data source that you can update and flow those changes to your Power BI dashboards and reports. Using an Excel file in OneDrive for Business allows you to have multiple users update data, connect to a data source and schedule an automated refresh without having a lot of infrastructure. The following walkthrough will show you how you can leverage this feature for your own solution.

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Data Visualization Case Study: Pie Charts are Evil?

Pie Charts are evil? Well, given the correct situation, pie charts can be used to your advantage.  The following case study uses Power BI samples to provide recommendations to get the most out an often misused visualization.   

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