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Posts tagged ‘Learning Resources’

How to use Date vs Date Hierarchy in Power BI

PowerBI has built-in date hierarchy features that seem to cause confusion in not only new users but experienced users. This article shows you how to avoid errors.  

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Free MS Press ebook on Azure Machine Learning

A new ebook is available at the Microsoft Press blog titled “Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Machine Learning, by Jeff Barnes”. As part of the Microsoft Press Microsoft Azure Essentials series.

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A SQL Database is like a dog, everyone asks how big it’s going to get… Here’s how to find out!

When you're in the planning phase of a database project, one of the important questions is how much space your data will take up. Great MSDN resource for SQL database sizing.

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Getting Started with Power BI (Video)

Great captured webinar from the Microsoft Program manager reviewing some of the real word applications of Power BI. The presentation goes over an overview of using Power BI for important metrics and analysis.

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Great Free Datasets for Your BI Testing

Datasets for use when either learning or doing demos.

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