How to add a Wiki to Your GitHub Project Using Markdown​

For GitHub projects, Markdown is an accessible format that is cross-platform and compatible with many web editors and CMS systems.  This article shows how to add a Wiki to your GitHub project, write in markdown, and convert HTML documentation to the Markdown format.

A Consultant’s Career Guide to Work Life Balance​

Using what I have learned over my 20-year consulting career to help you find your work-life balance and still have an impact at work. Included is a downloadable simple methodology, in Power Bi, I used to help assess my work-life balance and determine where my time is was going.

New Microsoft Certification Renewal Process

One of the main methods technical professionals shows their understanding of a subject has been through an intense exam and certification process. Microsoft is changing their exam renewal system to keep up and make renewals easier and cheaper to help you keep up to date.

My 5 Tips for Microsoft Certification Success

As with many exams, Microsoft certifications are not all that difficult if you are well prepared. Having had to write a few over the last couple of years, seven to be exact, which shows that anyone can do this if you prepare. This article presents my five most essential tips that have helped me in my certification journey.

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