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Learning Paths
What are Learning Paths?

Learning Paths Introduction: Guided Technical Enablement
Our ability to keep up with the volume of new cloud-based products and services is becoming more difficult. To survive in this environment, we need to adopt various learning techniques and Guided Technical Enablement is an example of Agile Learning and uses Learning Plan is one of them.

Introduction & Overview

Learning Path: Azure Synapse Analytics – An Introduction
This learning Path covers an introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics This service is not only the next evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, but combines enterprise data warehousing and Big Data Analytics into collaborative projects to ingest, prepare, manage and serve data together in a single pane of glass experience.

Azure SQL DW

Learning Path: Azure Synapse (Formerly Azure SQL Data Warehouse)
In this Learning Path for the Azure Synapse (Formerly Azure SQL Data Warehouse), you are provided with various online resources in a structured learning format. Each level contains the objectives delivered through articles, labs and tutorials.

Migrate Apps & DB to Azure

Resources for Migrating WEB Apps and Databases to Azure

This list of resources was part of a workshop I participated in on migrating web applications and database workloads to Azure. The session allowed attendees to get familiar with migrating web applications and their supporting data workloads to Azure.