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Posts from the ‘Software/Services’ Category

Learning Resources to get you Started in Microsoft Azure Data Projects

As companies move data workloads to the cloud, more and more resources are available online to help you get up to speed. The following learning map provides a path to these online resources not only to give you an overview but also to provide an experience of these technologies .

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Create HTML Documentation for Your Data Discovery

There are many tools that you can purchase to generate documentation, however, also costs money or requires an install on client machines or servers. I wanted something fast which would not leave a foot print or require weeks of negotiations to get installed. The T-SQL script generates an HTML document out of the schema results that you can paste into Word to kickstart the documentation process.

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Great Tool For Your ETL Toolkit – CSVed CSV/Text Editor

If you work with large text input files in your BI process, a good CSV/Text editor is a must have addition in your toolkit. CSVed comes to the rescue.

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Try out ASP.Net Azure Websites Without a Commitment

Microsoft has provided a way to try out a sandboxed Azure website without having a subscription or making a commitment.

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Azure Mobile Services Walkthrough – My First screencast!!

This screencast walks you through the creation of an Azure Mobile Service and the demonstration code that is provided. At the end of the 6 minute video you will have a website that accepts input and stores it in an Azure SQL database.

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Microsoft has released Outlook for Mac and provided a hint as to what is to come in the next release of Office for the Mac.

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