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Microsoft Azure Data Exams DP-200 & DP-201 Changes

As of June 21, 2019 the exams, Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution and Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution have changed. The exams look to be more focused in order to differentiate between a data engineer role from a database administrator role.

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Getting the Latest Azure Storage Explorer Version

I was working with a client the other day who was using the Microsoft Azure Storage Explore. They were trying to create a folder in an Azure blob storage location and could not find the option to do it. We seemed to be talking about 2 different products. Funny enough we were.

When you do a search for Microsoft Azure Storage Explore, the CodePlex version still ranks very high on the search results even though it has not been updated since August 2014. People get tripped up if they remember the CodePlex version.

The Latest version is currently updated and is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. If you are using the free Azure Storage explorer, use this one.


PowerBI June Update & Table Export Issue

Update:  This issue has been corrected with the August 2017 update release.

One of the must-have features I have been desperate to see in PowerBI is the ability to have word wrap in tables. The June 2017 Update, released on July 3, has updated Table and Matrix visualizations which include a number of new features. A detailed list of features are listed on the PowerBI documentation site, PowerBI Desktop Matrix Visual.

With these features being released, I had a client send me an email concerning an issue they were facing.

As you see pictured below, the 3 dots of “More” options now has “Sort By” functionality for each column in the table. My client created a table that has more columns than can be shown on the fly out. This pushes the export data to the bottom without the ability to scroll to get to the export data option.

Export Data

I have looked into it and cannot, at this point, find a way to get to the export data option when there are many columns in the table. I told them to use the older version of the table from the May 2017 PowerBI Desktop version. For the time being, this has them fine and is the only workaround I have found.

I am certain this will be fixed, however, if you have a large table and use the export data feature, beware.


Windows 3.11 in a Browser has done it again offering many old programs and games on their Internet Archive site.

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33 Free Data Sources

Forbes Tech has just released a list of 33 free data sources that you can use for your next proof of concept or demo.  The list is a wide and varied source of Canadian, US and European open data initiatives.

Bernard Marr has written the article which is available on the Forbes website: Big Data: 33 Brilliant And Free Data Sources For 2016.

A short post, but a great resource.


Power BI APP Update: Real Time & R-Tiles Support

Microsoft announced today that a new version of the mobile PowerBI applications have been released, providing two interesting features.

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