“Done is Better than Perfect”: Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon:
Done is better than perfect.

I was inspired by this quote from one of Peter McKinnon’s YouTube videos. It hit me as really inspiring. I have found so many of his videos a source of inspiration. Please take a look at his video, How to do EPIC PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY!. I re-watch the video now and then see how the passion for what you do can also drive passing your knowledge to others, which I have always felt impactful.

How many times have we thought of something and never saw it through? Where would you be today if you just finished something you did not see-through? They add up, don’t they?

P.S. I took that photo in the post header. After taking Peter’s advice on looking through your photos and finding those that just need a little love in Lightroom and share it out, I post it here. I have picked up my Nikon DSLR, dusted off the lense and taken a few photo walks over the last few weeks. I really forgot how much I loved photography.

Thanks, Peter !!!

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