How to Find Great PowerBI Dashboard Examples (2021)

I was looking for inspiration and some new ideas for dashboards. Or roughly put, I needed a break from being hip-deep in a development task and wanted to clear my mind by surfing the web for some inspiring Power BI Dashboard examples. 🙂  What better to do during these breaks than find inspiring examples of BI solutions from others. The following are some of the go-to links that I am certain you can find useful.


I have had a Pinterest account, https://Pinterest.com/5minutebi, for some time and found it to be a great resource for Power BI dashboard examples, learning, and graphical inspiration. Topic boards, I have set up include; Dashboards, Infographics, PowerBI, Presentations and Training, Data Engineering, Data Visualizations & Resources among other Data & AI topics. Fair warning, you may also find the odd recipe or backyard garden idea board in the feed. The other added benefit is that the Pins will link to a source site which also may include lessons, tutorials, and other board examples.

Clicking on the Follow ON Pinterest, if you are logged in, will take you to a link that you can follow my Pins. Scroll down the imbed below for a sample.

Google Image Search

The following Google image searches are handy as being able to see an entire page of Power BI Dashboard examples, and other learning resources of dashboards, graphs, reports, scorecards, and infographics. Try the following examples below;

The Power BI Data Stories Gallery has almost 1000 examples, 63 pages for 8 examples per page of data visualization examples, and users voting to find the favorites. Whether you’re just starting, just looking for inspiration, or to see what the art of the possible is, the Data Stories Gallery has so many ideas it should be your first stop. Each entry has an interactive Power BI Dashboard, example, and a downloadable Power BI Desktop file. This is a place for partners and developers can share their work.

Microsoft Power BI Community – Galleries

As part of the Power BI community site, several galleries showcase various tutorials, discussions, demos, and Power Bi sample reports galleries such as; Themes Gallery, R Script Showcase, Webinar and Video Gallery, Quick Measures Gallary. Power BI’s success is a testament to the great community that surrounds the product and those willing to give back.

Wrapping Up

Feel free to join the community and take part. I have always learned so much for others that I feel it necessary to give back to the community that has taught me so much. If you find these resources useful or have other examples, please leave comments below.

Thanks and I hope these posts help you on your journey!

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