Organization Your VMs with Desktop Wallpaper

My development activities require me to have various desktops open which can become confusing, especially if you keep to the default desktop image. I find the best way of keeping my multiple VMs separated in my mind is to customize the desktop with different system information wallpaper. The following resources have worked best for me in changing up my desktop display.

WallpaperHub.app – Desktop Images

Michael Gillett has put together an amazing site of various Microsoft Themed desktop wallpapers at WallpaperHub.app. This has become my favorite source of wallpaper images for my various machines and virtual images. This site also includes various community and official images. Great collection that keeps getting updated.

BGInfo – Display Computer Info on your Desktop

If you prefer to have your machine name and other information on your desktop, BgInfo pictured below, from Microsoft is available. By having this program referenced in your startup folder, your information is always up to date. I find this very useful in the various virtual machine images I run in Azure. The information is displayed over the current desktop image.

Various install customization and running options are documented on the site. I have used this program on Windows 10 and various Windows servers versions. This is especially handy while running different Data Science Virtual Machines which may cover different clients or projects.

No matter what you want to display, changing things up not only keeps you fresh, but also can help you be more productive by adding a little organization to your desktops.

Hope This Helps!!!


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