Azure Synapse Analytics Documentation & Samples Released

Azure Synapse Analytics was announced back on November 4, 2019, and could be thought of as the second generation of Azure SQL Data Warehouse. This week the Synapse Workspace documentation and samples were released. This article reviews some of the new content.

Note: When Azure Synapse analytics was announced, I put together a list of introductory references, Learning Path: Azure Synapse Analytics– An Introduction, and endeavour to keep the content updated.

What is Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics brings together enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics into a unified and integrated service made up of various Azure Data Services. These services leverage a new backend that combines both provisioned resources and on-demand resources that can scale to very large workloads.

Azure Synapse has 4 main components:

  1. SQL Analytics: Complete T-SQL based analytics
    • SQL pool (pay per DWU provisioned) — Generally Available
    • SQL on-demand (pay per TB processed) — (Preview)
  2. Spark: Deeply integrated Apache Spark (Preview)
  3. Data Integration: Hybrid data integration (Preview)
  4. Studio: unified user experience. (Preview)

** Note that some services may be in Private preview.

An excellent overview of the various service and technologies is available in the Azure Synapse Analytics cheat sheet.

Link to Preview Documentation

The preview documentation has now been released. When you go to Azure Synapse (Azure SQL DW) documentation, you see the current release documentation. On the left, highlighted below, you will see the link to the Azure SQL Analytics preview documentation. As you see below, when you select, the content listing changes to the new preview documentation for Azure Synapse Workspace.

Github Samples Samples

In addition to the documentation, a wide variety of samples have been made available on Github.




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