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How to Keep up with What’s New in Azure SQL Databases

Keeping up to speed with the pace of change in cloud-based computing is one of the most challenging tasks for technical resources. This article covers the Azure Updates site which lists resources to keep you informed about not only Azure SQL but also other Microsoft cloud services.

Azure Updates

On the Azure Update site, pictured above, there are a number of useful filters and options that make it easier to find what you are looking for listed below.

  1. You can browse by product by selecting the Browse dropdown.
  2. Being able to filter the blog articles by what is now available, in preview or in development allows for keeping what is available in context.
  3. If you are using a tool such as Feedly, you can capture any updates as an RSS feed.
  4. You can download a quarterly summary for offline use.
  5. There are different types of updates available via a filter, such as; Compliance, Features, Open Source among others.
  6. In this screen, you will see the listing of blog posts that match your search.

Release Notes

SQL Release Notes Screen

Release notes are supplied for each product which informs about what changes are being implemented to a specific product. SQL Server, in the past, might have a 3-year release cycle. With cloud services, changes happen very regularly.

  1. Documentation may include multiple release notes
  2. Different sections will cover Preview, Released features, Fixes and various updates.
  3. In further information, you may find links in additional documentation.

I have curated the following list of various data and AI related products that I find useful and use as a source for Partner updates.

Azure SQL Database Updates – Blog Posts – Information on product updates, roadmaps and announcements. Posts also include features now available, in preview and also in development.

Azure SQL Database – Single Database – This listing provides details on features in public preview, new features, fixes, and various updates.

Azure SQL Database – Managed Instances – This listing provides details on features in public preview, new features, fixes, and various updates.

Azure Bot Service – Azure Bot Service, built on Microsoft Bot Framework, updates and preview services.

Azure Data Bricks – Azure Data Bricks news and updates.

Azure Machine Learning Services – New Features are an important set of updates for this service.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) – I am seeing great interest in this service and the usage is growing.

Azure Functions – An important part of the many Azure solution architectures.

There are many other information updates, as pictured below, available. I plan to publish an article on important updates with key products I see in various solutions.

Azure Product Updates

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