Year-In-Photos Challenge Changed My Outlook

One key guide to improving the way you look at your work-life outlook is to make sure you take advantage of opportunities to stop and enjoy where you are, and the Year-In_Photos challenged help me out.

Our day is filled with moments that we miss if we don’t take them in.  You could have your day crammed with back to back conference calls and meetings, but that does not define your entire day, although that is all that you might remember.

I took the Instagram year-in-photos challenge almost two years ago, and it has provided me with many rewards and drastically changed how I look at my day. So much so that I am retaking the challenge.

The goal of the year-in-photos challenge is to take a picture every day. You do not have to post a picture each day, but try to take one every day. I found that after a while, without realizing it, I would subconsciously look at my surroundings, and then all of a sudden realize that this would make a good picture. Posting the picture to Instagram for the challenge gives you a snapshot of that moment in time.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Memories

As your year progresses, you have a record of where you were and what you were doing each day. I was surprised how, as the year was ending, I could look at the photos, and the memories would flow back. I could remember where I was and what I was doing when I took that picture. Without the record, I probably would have never looked back on those positive experiences.

Who are you?

As you take your pictures, you create a glimpse of who you are and what you like. It turns out I love sunrises and walking paths. If all of your pictures are of your office desk, you might need to work on your balance.

Remembering the Good Times

You create a record of your choices with what is shared. Normally it is the good times which will push out the frustrations. When you look back on your posts, you will see all those moments that you may have overlooked, providing you with a better view of your actual work-life balance.

Sharing Your Moments with Others

Whether it is an amazing sunrise, great meal, or time with friends, sharing those pictures helps brighten other’s days also. Images convey a great sense of emotion which others in your circle can share in. I love photography and follow many people who share their memories and pictures which can be inspirational.

I must say that I did not expect the challenge to change me, but it has. I take time to “be” where I am and look around. I take 10K walks in the morning, I would usually just listen to a podcast. Now I look around and see what inspires me. I will go back through the pictures on my roll and remember those moments that I enjoyed and realize that my work-life balance may not be as work-centric as I had thought.

Take the Challenge

Try the year-in-photos challenge for a month and see how you feel. If you want to, set up an Instagram account and share your journey. My account is https://www.instagram.com/steveyoungca let me know if you start your challenge and how it goes.

Direct Message my Twitter account, @5minutebi with any comments or your Instagram account if you take up the challenge.  I hope you enjoy the challenge as much as I did.

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