Make Your Job Great Again

There are times when you have a string of projects that fail to push your boundaries or fire up your passions. How do you add that spark back to get you to the next exciting opportunity? The simple answer is to leverage your passion and create your opportunities!

I have used the following 5 actions that you can take advantage of to reignite that spark and help to create new opportunities.

  1. Learn Something Cutting Edge

Business is always changing, and with it, new opportunities will present themselves. Where is the company going? What are the corporate goals and scorecard metrics? Are there new technologies or areas that you find interesting that you can get in on the ground floor? Become the expert, be a source for others and that will put you first in line for opportunities generated.  You have a basket of skills that should be producing a body of work which shows what you can do.

  1. What is the Sales Area’s Focus?

The best way to identify what new opportunities are available is to look at what the sales area is selling. Are there opportunities for you to help out in different ways? Create a demo, presentation, find a need they have that you can use to create something new. Update some existing documentation or sales material that might cover an older version. If you help out, when the deal comes in, you are going to be the one they look to deliver.

  1. Identify a Pain Point Customers Have

If you go to the online forums at your company or internal email lists, you will find a great source of opportunities to contribute (aka issues and pain points). Having extra hands solving problems gives you the chance to do something new, create a new opportunity or add to your product or solution.

  1. Opportunities for Community Involvement

You have skills, and those skills can benefit the community. Volunteer to help a non-profit or other community organization that can benefit from your talent. Not only are you creating your opportunity, but giving back to the community who needs it.

  1. Never Hurts Helping a Fellow Employee

Helping your fellow employees should always be one of your first options. Helping another employee, not only gets your name around but also increases your exposure to other areas of the organization. Show people what you can do. The number of times I have been offered opportunities from people that I helped out has made for some very successful years. A good number of opportunities I get is by a coworker coming up to me and asking if I can help them out. I have picked up new engagements because someone knew me as the “Data Guy” or from a reference from someone I helped. I firmly believe that a good deed never goes unrewarded.

The key is to use your passion to create something impactful that you enjoy. You probably don’t have a great deal of extra time, so the key is to do something that relates to your job which can lead to opening up new opportunities.

These are some key points I have learned over the years that have helped reignite the passion during those times I have looked for inspiration. I am sure they will help you also. Message back to me with any ways you keep inspired when times are slow.

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