My name is Steve Young and for the last 10 years, I have been a consultant with Microsoft specializing in business intelligence, data visualization, and the SQL data platform.  For the 10 years previously, I was a consultant at 2 Microsoft partners, so, if you figure around 4 clients a year that is between 80 and 100 clients over that timeframe which makes it an incredible journey.

My Linked-In profile has a more detailed view of my experience, which is linked here.

Why the site?

The purpose of this site is to give back.  I have learned so much from the community and various people throughout my career, that I really want to help others in this field or those just starting out.


The content is divided up into sections based on the subject of the article.

5 Minute BI

The articles in this category center around business intelligence and related topics.  I liked the name 5 Minute BI as the content should be short enough to read in 5 minutes.  The goal is to have concise, short, results-oriented content focusing on learning, how to, and training resources.

Power BI Field Guide

Content in this category geared around Power BI.  I really like the tool for self-service BI and as a tool that anyone can use to generate data visualization solutions be it a single person or an enterprise-wide group of analysts.

Data Visualization

I have always had a passion for data visualization and reporting as a discipline.  This section has content that can be used in any product but may use Power BI or R as the display tool.


Social Networks

I am on the following social networks.  Feel free to follow and send comments and suggestions.

Thanks for taking an interest. Feel free to DM me on twitter and let me know what you think, what I can improve, or just simply something about yourself.

My opinions are my own and do not represent those of my employer.


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