Windows 3.11 in a Browser has done it again.  They have offered many old programs and games on their Internet Archive site.  This one brought back quite a few memories.  Windows 3.11 Stock Installation runs a stock install of, obviously, Windows 3.11 in which you can run the various programs contained in the OS.

Check out some of the other programs which will run in emulation in your browser, such as; MS-Dos, Tucows Software library items, Atari 2600 and other game systems.

This may not be data related, but if you have read Ready Player One,  you can even check out some of the old MS-Dos games mentioned in the book.


P.S.  In a little bit of Internet shaming,  this is a copy of my BBS Web page from July 1998, or from June 14, 1996.



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