Power BI APP Update: Real Time & R-Tiles Support

Microsoft announced today that a new version of the mobile PowerBI applications have been released. There are a couple of useful new capabilities. I found the following 2 features of greatest interest.

Real-Time Data Updates

Through either the Power BI API and the scheduled refresh, it is possible to get real time updates without manually hitting refresh. Even if you publish changes to your dashboard, the changes will come across automatically.

R-Tiles Support

R scripts have been supported in Power BI for a while now. With the new updates, R visuals are now supported as tiles in dashboards.

In addition to the integration of R in SQL 2016, this allows the data analysts to re-use their R scripts in the PowerBI and Microsoft BI workflow. This will bridge the gap between the display of information from the data analysts to the report consumers. This will be a way to get results from R, into mobile BI reporting applications such as Power BI.

There are many other updates in this release which are listed in the original blog post.

The rate of change is quite dramatic. The Power BI team provides a way to vote for other features that you would like to see in Power BI mobile apps thought the following site, Power BI Ideas.

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