Google changing how mobile sites are ranked – How to track this

Google have announced changes with a major algorithm update which has just gone live, April 21, 2015.  This can change how your site is returned based on the device that the user is using for their search.  Mobile is where most searches are trending and as such Google is going to rank sites that have a friendlier experience to mobile users higher if that user is searching from a mobile device.  This change will provide different results depending on where your search is originating, either mobile or with a desktop or tablet.  You can find out more about the mobile-friendly criteria and how it may affect your site’s Google search results in the google blog posts.

You should try your search in different search engines from time to time even just to see the various results. I find when I am looking for some specific results, lets say from MSDN or TechNet, some search engines are more relevant than others. A list and ranking by unique visitors can be found here at the ‘List of Search Engines’ which ranks the top 10 search engines based on unique user counts. Check and see how your site ranks on the various search engines, save the links and try them over time.  This is where the BI comes in.  You can track this over time and monitor what changes occur using various tools, both free and paid –  Free & Paid Search Engine Rank Checkers

So, how does your site rank with this new change? Google have provided a test page that you can use to see how your site, or even various pages, will be evaluated under the new algorithm.

My results are below which Google said were Awesome.  🙂

Click for larger image

I hope this helps and let me know your experiences by posting in the comments below.


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