Quick Tip – Where to Find “Unlimited” Dashboard Examples

I was looking for inspiration and some new ideas for dashboards. Or roughly put, I needed a break from being hip deep in a development task and wanted to clear my mind by surfing the web. ūüôā ¬†What better to do during these breaks then finding inspiring examples of BI solutions from others.

Google and Bing Image Search

I stumbled across using Google and Bing image searches as a great resource for finding examples of dashboards, graphs, reports, scorecards and infographics. Try the following examples below;

It is very easy to find examples for inspiration simply by using search. Each search engine will be a little different and I recommend you try them out.

If you find these resources useful, or have other examples, please leave comments below.

Thanks,,,, steve

Note:  25 Minute Pomodoros РI am a firm believer in the Pomodoro Technique, which is a time management system that allows you to take a mental break by segmenting work into intervals of traditionally 25 minutes in length.  These segments are separated by these short breaks.

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