Free ebooks – Keeping Up To Date is Not Cheap

With the speed at which technology changes today, keeping up to date cannot only be a challenge, but also expensive. There are 2 sites listed below that make eBooks available in a number of formats and also cover a number of technologies.

Free Microsoft Press Books

On the Microsoft Virtual Academy site, here , there is quite a collection of Microsoft Press books  that have been made available for free.  Some great relevant examples include;

  • Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure – Michael S. Collier and Robin E. Shahan
  • Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight –  Avkash Chauhan, Valentine Fontama, Michele Hart, Wee Hyong Tok, and Buck Woody
  • Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 – Ross Mistry and Stacia Misner

List of Free Learning Resources

There is also an amazing list curated, over 400 contributors so far, of free books and resources over on GitHub. This list initially was a fork of the ‘List of Freely Available Programming Books’ by George Stocker located on GitHub here, which  also contains information on how to contribute.    This is an updated list of resources and books that has also been expanded with new content.  I came across this list while looking for resources for Markdown and kept the link handy.

The Free Programming Books list has a large number of free books that cover an almost endless variety of technologies including; databases, big data, data mining, machine learning and even a good session on professional development.  Located here,  the list contains links to books.

My Kindle is a LifeSaver

I live by my Kindle. I view it as one of the most important technologies in by tool box. I do a great deal of travel and have found that my Kindle is a great way to have your library with you. That being said, I also use the Kindle app on my iPad which allows for more of a larger book view which is beneficial for technical books I use while learning or trying out new technologies. The fact that this is also a second screen for the book certainly helps alot.

I hope this helps.


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