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Why You Need a Data Governance Process Now!!

This article reviews Data Governance Initiatives to determine how to secure data usage, manage activity, gain visibility, and control of one of your most important assets.  Whether on-premises or in the cloud, more employees are using and sharing an ever-increasing amount of data throughout your organization.

Introducing Power BI Object-level Security
Learning Path | Power BI

Introducing Power BI Object-level Security

This walk-through and resource list will provide an introduction of Power BI’s Object-Level Security (OLS) and when combined with Row-Level security (RLS), you can secure and hide specific metrics, measures, tables, or columns from report viewers when using Roles.

5MinuteBI Azure Newsletter
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Azure Data & AI Newsletter (May 2021)

This article is a summary newsletter covering some of the news, announcements, new resources published by Microsoft this month in the Azure Data & AI space, including Azure Dev Ops and Synapse integrations walkthroughs.